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Scrum Roles

Scrum is a framework that is easy to understand but difficult to master. One of the reasons for this is that the roles in Scrum and their interactions with each other can be confusing. We’re going to be talking about the three key roles in Scrum.

Meetings – Make them Worthwhile

Make Your Meetings Worthwhile – we are going to look at two different perspectives to making meetings more effective. The first is looking at those meetings we organise and run, how can we make these better. The second perspective is how can we improve meetings we attend.

Lessons Learned

In most aspects of life, we are constantly learning. We develop new understanding, build experience, discover what works and what doesn’t and constantly strive to be better. This is also the case for project work. Every member of the team will identify things that they would do differently or ensure that they repeat next time around.


Why do we need estimates? Well we need to know whether the project or piece of work we’re about to embark on will be completed by the required date or within the required budget. If not then the project may not be viable and should either be redesigned or perhaps not even progressed any further.